Merchant Card Payment Solutions
Lava e-remit

Lava e-remit offers its customers multiple advanced payment solutions.

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Merchant Card Machines

Lava is built with quick access & comfort in mind with Lava its simple fast & easy. With lava you can follow the 3 simple steps and you are ready to make international transfers within minutes either use our App or Website or visit us at one of our locations.


S800 Counter Top

Open google play on your phone use the play store app and find the lava e-remit App and install


S900 Wireless Terminal

Onboarding register your full details and upload user
ID to get approved within minutes

S920 4G/Wireless + Charging Dock

Enjoy Transferring Money worldwide to your friends
and family within an instant

Why Choose Us

Merchant Card Machines

Lava offers card payment terminals on competitive rates. With different models to offer from counter top to completely wireless with docking station and SIM card you can receive payments literally anywhere in the country.

Pay by text/Link

Lava e-remit is a trusted payment gateway and accepts payments from consumers and business accounts fast instant refunds and payouts. Bank level security with global integration easy fast and future proof.

Virtual Payment Terminals

Bank to bank currency transfer no matter how big your money transfer we can help you send and receive safely and securely. Low cost and competitive exchange rates. Lava e-remit can dedicatean account manager for businesses and consumer to ensure low cost.

Web/e Payments

Corporate foreign money remittances that will protect your business and boost your profits. Consumer individuals family and friends with bank or cash pick ups. Complete services through App, Online or through our agents

Get paid directly into your bank account within 24 hours

Lava e-remit Facilitates you with Bill Payment Services Abroad. From now on you can pay you property bills directly to your services provider abroad using Lava e-remit services, this saves our customers valuable time and effort.

Electricity Bills | Gas Bills | Telephone Bills | Water Bills | Council Tax Bills

Lava Made The Easiest Possible Way To Transfer Money Anywhere in the World

Lava e-remit is a U.K. based company that aims to offer quick, clear and convenient e-remit services and products. It is committed to offering market leading services at competitive rates that offer the most benefit to its customers and agents. Lava e-remit is backed by market leading service partners that share and enable the vision and goal of Lava e-remit to become a market leader in e-remittance services through expansion, innovation and refinement of its products and services.

Our Mission

Lava e-remit is offering international transfers to customers at the touch of a button within minutes via online website and their App, more bank payout locations with lava e-remit ensure quicker accessibility of payment to recipients in remoter locations. With an array of services available such as merchant card services, International bank transfers, cash pick-ups, mobile wallets and bill payment services, Lava e-remit aim to encompass a large market share with plans of expansion in further services and products.

Our Goal

Our goal is simple, to offer streamlined e-remit services at the most competitive rates; We are constantly developing innovative services so our customers can benefit with quicker, faster and secure payment. As well as continually refining our products and services, we have some exciting plans for the expansion and the future of Lava e-remit.